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Agiloft for Government Workflow

At Saasam we understand that a key element of running successful Government departments and the Public Sector is ensuring that the information and workflow systems work seamlessly. With Governments having wide responsibility across many portfolios including education, public utilities, economy, regulatory (food/medicine), Roading and Infrastructure it's important to maintain information in a simple yet effective and secure way.

Agiloft  is an adaptive enterprise-class technology platform that provides integrated solutions for Contract Management, Service Desk, Custom Workflow and more.

The system specializes in automating complex processes and can be individually adapted to fit around existing processes without the need for lots of costly development.  Commonly, the Government and the Public Sector has a strong requirement for information sharing for a single job/issue, making this adaptability ideal.  This is also advantageous when there is a heightened awareness of the budget per job/issue and expense reduction is key.

By utilising selected out of the box web-based software platforms, Agiloft can boost the performance of all departments improving response times, ensuring fewer jobs are left unattended and improving productivity therefore reducing increasing costly personnel costs. 

Agiloft can provide customised applications that accelerate execution of jobs/projects as well as deliver effective and easy to use data-driven reporting.  There are far reaching administrations controls, which make it the perfect system for the varying government departments needs.

Service Desk Management

Some current challenges that the Government and Public Sector Departments face with service management are manual job tracking, no automation and a backlog of jobs and issues hindering productivity.  All this can be alleviated with the adaptive Agiloft enterprise class technology platform including:

  • Improved response times
  • Improved user satisfaction with automatic notification of job/issue progress
  • Fewer open work orders - alleviating issues slipping through the cracks, us
  • Automated work order tracking
  • Personnel costs reduced
  • Standardised authentication
  • Agiloft is an adaptable platform making customisations and changes easy
  • Improved productivity

Contract Management

Many contract management systems are designed for corporations and their needs, however a key complexity that government departments face is a disconnect between contract systems and the way that funding moves through the organisation.  With Agiloft’s out of the box fields the system can be custom designed for Government so that all departments can succesfully utilise the one system.

Key Benefits:

  • Contract alerts to upcoming renewal/expiry dates, streamlined approval process
  • Its secure, scalable and flexible automated contract lifecycle system
  • Capable of parallel or sequential approval process
  • You can have mobile phone capability for approvals, email notification of an approval required
  • It incorporates an excellent search tool for looking up contracts, clauses, dates and even files and attachments
  • The system can provide reports and dashboards to provide statistics on projects
  • Agiloft is a secure platform to control contract lifestyles
  • You can incorporate asset mgmt and helpdesk support integration

Custom workflow

Agiloft provides a fully configurable and versatile framework to automate and manage even the most complex task flows and custom business processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful workflow functionality, customisable business rules, and flexible task templates that work together to automate and manage complex business process
  • Increase efficiency and consistency across your organisation by automating frequently executed workflows such as new employee, partner, or customer onboarding
  • Reduce manual errors and eliminate duplication of effort by automatically integrating all of your processes with essential data such as employee and asset information
  • Consolidate operations under a single extensible framework that adapts to evolving business needs without the need for programming