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Service Desk Suite 

Every service desk suite should do just what it promises – serve. Today’s solutions must be agile enough to move with the changing face of your business. They need to provide sound management and control capabilities to ensure your systems operate efficiently around-the-clock. They should also improve customer and staff satisfaction, workflow and time management.

Together with Saasam’s expert consultancy and configuration, Agiloft’s Service Desk Suite software promises to consolidate your operations in accordance with your needs. Affording your business greater support, so you can reach the right people with the right information, reduce response times, close tickets faster and improve consistency and communication across the board.

The secret behind Agiloft’s software is its agility. This incomparable technology platform allows deep customisation across all applications, giving you complete control over every interface 24/7. As your wants and needs change, the system adapts to your business – forget custom codes of the past. We are proud to provide a world-class system without the hefty price tag. We’ll tailor your Service Desk Suite to meet all of your business requirements.


Here are a few key features and benefits Agiloft provides . . .

Customer Support and Internal Help Desk:

  • Work flow automation – Fully customisable workflow and business rules support particular processes, such as emails and backend actions, and automatically escalates tickets as necessary.
  • Brand interface – A personalised service that blends with your brand and offers a unique set of options to suit.
  • Self-service portal – A self-service portal that provides answers to common issues around-the-clock.
  • Configurable ticket assignment – Close tickets faster with rules that alert you to blockages and proactively escalates issues as needed.


ITIL Agile Service Desk:

  • An alternative version of the Service Desk Suite, which includes all of the elements of the standard suite coupled with ITIL terminology integration.
  • Preconfigured to include – Service requests, incidents, problems, change requests, purchase requests, and more.
  • Adaptive technology – Customise your system to match the precise needs and preferences of your business, using just a browser – no coding required.

IT Ticketing System:

  • Auto-assign and audit trail – Streamline your business processes, auto-assign issues to the right individual and track the time spent with a full audit trail of all actions.
  • Close tickets faster – Fully-configurable ticket assignment and escalation rules alert you to blockages and automatically escalate issues whenever necessary.
  • Minimise interruptions – A 24/7 self-service portal allows you to submit tickets online and stay up-to-date with ticket status and change.
  • Personalised home pages – Improved staff productivity with easily customised home pages.


Asset Management and Change Management:

  • Complete asset lifecycle – Featuring real-time insight into asset reliability and total cost of ownership.
  • Improved license control and auditability – Connects your software assets to licenses and expiration dates.
  • Automatic alerts and rules – Receive notifications detailing risk of surpassing license limits, schedule of asset maintenance, renewal dates for vendor support contracts, staff leave and absences.
  • Manage approval processes – Customise rules for validation and escalation behaviour.
  • WMI support – Real-time service for critical issues. LogMeIn Rescue and Bomgar integration enables fast and effective remote support.
  • Barcode scanner integration – Simplify inventories of physical assets with barcode scanning and RFID tagging.
  • Graphical workflow editor – Automate actions, such as exact steps and safeguards, to be executed at each stage of a given change process.
  • Reports and dashboards – Gain insight into operational efficiency, turnaround times and expenses related to IT updates and infrastructure improvements.

RMA Management:

  • Agile customer support – RMA application ensures visibility and control throughout all return, repair and exchange processes.
  • Integrated live chat – RMA offers real-time, online help delivering fast, personalised service, including concurrent chat sessions and a searchable library of standard solutions.
  • Charts and configurable dashboards – Gain actionable insight into response times, agent productivity and SLA compliance.  
  • Satisfaction surveys – Proactively address emerging issues before they become problems with automated satisfaction surveys and alerts.