How we can help you get up & running

We offer an end to end set of services that you can use as needed. We can take care of everything for you, or you can do it yourself. The choice is yours!

Needs Analysis

Our consultative approach first seeks to understand you, your requirements, and your environment including:

  • Review of Current Processes
  • Analysis of Your Business Needs
  • Preparation of Detailed Specification for Implementation


We can install the system for you or you can install it yourself. Our technical team can assist you with a range of services including:

  • Software Installation
  • Network Configuration
  • Automatic Backup Configuration
  • Redundant Server Configuration


We can work with you to fine tune the system to meet your specific needs including:

  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Relationships Between Tables
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Business Processes
  • Custom Business Rules and Actions
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Look and Feel
  • Custom Color Schemes, Fonts, and Logos
  • Custom Staff Home Page Design
  • Custom End User Interface Design
  • Custom Business Teams and Security
  • Custom Teams
  • Custom Groups
  • Custom Access Permissions
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Charts and Dashboards
  • Custom Reports

Data Management

We can assist you to perform the migration processes necessary to ensure that the system contains all the information you need to operate your business, including:

  • Cleanup of Existing Exported Data Files
  • Import and Cleanup of Data in EnterpriseWizard
  • Setup of Scheduled Import of Data for Synchronize


We can link your implementation with your existing core systems to ensure an elegant implementation.

  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • Single Sign-on Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Backend System Integration

Follow-up and Support

  • Staff Training
  • Administrator Training
  • Assisting with ROI Analysis
  • User-Requested Changes After Initial Rollout
  • Custom System Maintenance Documentation