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Workflow and Business Process Management

Accommodating change and a faster, more effective software solution is the story behind Agiloft’s workflow management design and development. We understand that every business has its own unique work processes to ensure tasks, teams and goals stay on track. With Saasam’s efficient implementation and Agiloft’s versatile approach to establishing workflow measures, you’ll have the best agile processes in place.

Agiloft’s fully configurable workflow management can automate and manage even the most complex task flows and processes. We embrace the constant change technology affords us – so we can deliver powerful functionality, customisable business rules and flexible task templates. With Agiloft workflow management, we’ve fought the need to spend weeks over engineering solutions – workflow should flow. We give you the power to control status and state transitions, to configure your business rules – including updating data in linked records and external systems, and apply parallel and sequential task templates to all workflows.

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Agiloft’s key workflow management solutions and benefits include:

  • Functionality – Trigger the creation of task templates or approval workflows as needed for each project type.
  • Automating – Automate frequently executed workflows such as new employee, partner or customer onboarding.
  • Integrate – Automatically integrate all of your processes with essential data such as employee and asset information.
  • Reduce – Welcome onboard a single extensible framework that adapts to your ever-evolving business minus the programming.
  • Customise – Drag and drop custom design layouts in minutes. Build and document your system's actual behaviour as you design it.
  • Capture – Manage your data across a full range of field types.
  • Support – Support and keep track of various clients with individual relationship diagrams of hardware and software.


Project and Task Management Software 

Greater delivery and efficiency is the driving force behind Agiloft’s project and task management software. This solution allows you to achieve milestones, meet deadlines, and ensure assignments – and your team – stay on the right trajectory.

Whether you have large plans to execute, standard internal task workflows in operation or complex projects to see through, Agiloft’s solution allows you to collaborate and engage more time-effectively across your workscape – no matter your objectives or budget. Saasam will guide you through the implementation process and ensure Agiloft’s solution is optimised to the best position for your business. From righting withstanding management problems to establishing opportunities and goals, to reorganising your methods and resources, we see the whole picture – delivering purposeful project management.

Agiloft’s key project management areas of expertise include:

  • Integration – Manage human resources and track billable and non-billable employee hours by client, project, task, or ticket to invoice clients – ensuring your projects stay on schedule.
  • Communication – Enable team members to access your system anytime, anywhere.
  • Automate – Keep your projects, deadlines, milestones and deliverables on track with automatic task assignment and alerts.
  • Track – Project costs and ‘planned vs. actual performance’ with customisable reports and dashboards.
  • Monitor – Built in time tracking, task assignment and linked asset management ensures appropriate resource allocation.
  • Efficiency – Quick edit capabilities allow you to make record changes on the go.
  • Security – Granular permission controls provide security throughout your organisation.


Agile Business Process Management – BPM

Optimise your business processes and increase organisational agility with Agiloft’s renowned BPM solution. BPM software provides a process platform with added capabilities that extend above and beyond workflow management tasks.

Because a real-time working environment is not static, Agiloft’s agile BPM adapts to your business’ evolving needs. Alongside Saasam’s implementation, Agiloft’s optimised suite capabilities ensure complete coverage across your entire business situation. From deeper administration changes using only a browser, to historical snapshot access at the click of a button, to audit logs which capture changes to all records and system events – intelligent software, minus the complexities.

Agiloft’s agile BPM benefits include:

  • Precision – Provide users with the exact access permissions they need – right down to field level.
  • Functionality – Drive your business rule actions through saved searches and recall records of all criteria with an advanced search functionality.
  • Access – Use Agiloft’s built-in auditability to access historical records and capture changes to any record or system events.
  • Enforcement – Agiloft’s highly configurable BPM solution tracks and enforces all changes, setting out auditable records through workflow automation

To learn more about how Agiloft’s workflow, project and task, and BPM management solutions can work for you and your business, click here.