Agiloft FAQ’s:

Q: We use Google docs, can you integrate with that?

A: Yes. Agiloft can streamline and automate your processes with full integration to Google.

Q: We need to audit who has done what in the system, does the application facilitate this?

A: Yes. Agiloft manages all the details of who, what and when with a full audit trail.

Q: Can you use our existing identity management systems?

A: Yes. Agiloft provides simply managed but powerful security with transparent access with Google Single Sign-On, Active Directory or LDAP.

Q: Can you help us automate our business processes?

A: Yes. Agiloft helps you map it all out and makes sure your contract and document management, repair tracking, or totally custom processes become one single efficient system.

Q: Can we customise the business process implemented by the software?

A: Yes. Use Agiloft’s easy drag and drop workflow editor to make it work your way.

Q: Is it possible to automate actions that could take place automatically?

A: Yes. Agiloft has a powerful business rules engine that turns your workflows into little silent robots that work 24/7.

Q: Can you link into our Office tools so that users get reminders etc about tasks they are involved with?

A: Yes. Agiloft makes it easy to keep your staff on track by sending them reminders and assignments via email.

Q: Is there the ability to search?

A: Yes. Agiloft’s clever search engine can hunt through millions of records to give you what you’re looking for in seconds.

Q: Can I easily see my position in real time?

A: Yes. Agiloft’s custom charts and reports will paint the picture for you.

Q: Can I output information from the system so that I can manipulate it or send to people like accountants?

A: Yes. Agiloft provides full Excel integration.

Q: Does the system implement a full security model that I can use to ensure appropriate access and authorisation?

A: Yes. If some staff don’t need the information then just lock it away from view with group permissions.

Q: Can different teams be presented with different views of the information?

A: Yes. Then let your staff put their stamp on the application with their own customisable home page.

Q: Is it possible to ensure that the a consistent process is followed?

A: Yes. Satisfy the ‘powers that be’ and optimise your processes by letting Agiloft document and enforce workflow.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

A: Just contact the Saasam team and one of our consultants will help you with whatever tricky questions you may have.

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