Choosing Business Process Software that won’t break the bank

27th October 2017AgiloftRobert Haydon

Choosing the right software for your business is a daunting task. Fortunately, gone are the days of settling for stock-standard out-of-the-box solutions from a small number of players. Today’s cloud-based, cost-effective technologies developed by a range of innovative firms – like Agiloft - are fashioned with the best practise solutions ensuring your business stays ahead.

So how do you decide which solutions will best benefit your company? And most importantly, won’t break the bank. The first port of call should be a provider that has packaged, years of implementation, industry experience and best business processes into its core software. All key factors Saasam director, Heather McEwen, discovered of Agiloft software when searching on behalf of a client. “After over 30 years working in technology, I was sceptical about enterprise software,” explains Heather. “So, when I discovered Agiloft in 2012 I held my breath. But after trying out the free trial version, I was hooked. I thought it was too good to be true, but after delving into it, I was very impressed.”

Like Agiloft, some of the best cloud technologies make true evaluations on the needs of a service and develop templates around these requirements – allowing vendors to take advantage of the best practises. “Agiloft is a low code development tool that is preconfigured for functions like Contract Management or HelpDesk—no programming needed. But, at the end of the day, you can customise it to do whatever you want in a timeframe far shorter than with any other program,” explains Heather. “Plus, the flexibility and pricing are excellent, and companies can easily make small changes themselves without having to pay huge amounts of money to consultants.”

Adaptability Is Key

Saving money isn’t the only thing trusted cloud software solutions afford. Enterprising cloud applications frees up businesses from constantly having to tend to technology. As Agiloft demonstrates, adaptability is key. “Our agile solution allows deep and rapid customisation on every level, so it adapts easily to suit a diverse range of vertical industries, but remains nimble enough to serve niche markets,” says Heather.

As we know, not all cloud software is created equal, in fact, solutions like Agiloft aid a roll-out of services above and beyond the call of duty – enabling extensive support and joint partnered ventures – providing long-term customisation options and compatibility. Today, Saasam has 15 employees (four of whom are certified Agiloft implementers). Based in New Zealand, it encompasses three offices (two in New Zealand and one in Australia), and plans to open a helpdesk support facility in Malaysia and expand into the UK.

Seeking a cloud software service that is receptive to its user’s specific needs and wants betters workflow and business relations. Bringing onboard a software vendor that truly understands the challenges many companies face when implementing software is a must, says Heather. “Agiloft has been very helpful and open to our ideas,” she says. “For instance, when we first got larger clients in Australia, these companies had sovereignty requirements for their data to reside in Australia only. Agiloft agreed  to replicate the configuration of the American based AWS setup, across to Amazon Web Services in Sydney, and we have hosted solutions there ever since.”

The right people behind the product

Ultimately, successful cloud software selection and implementation requires the right people behind the product. You’ll want a vendor that provides continued support after the initial work is complete, as they’ll place greater importance on customer service and can address any needs that arise for new features, security updates and scalability.

Taking inspiration from companies that combine practical business experience with customised cloud applications – who deliver clever solutions – is essential when choosing software technologies to drive your business forward. “Our passion is helping businesses throughout Australasia and SE Asia transform through better business process applications, and we've got the people and the products to do it,” says Heather. “Put simply, if you thought scoping and implementing world-class workflow management in your business was too costly, think again.”

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