Agiloft Powers Lattice Semiconductor's Licensing Lifecycle Management and Generation

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  • All GUI based - no coding for additions or changes
  • Trained staff can make changes without needing an admin
  • Tracks all currently and previously licensed features
  • Built-in end user portal
  • Automatically emails licenses
  • Fully extensible for additional automation and notifications

This case study has kindly been provided to Saasam by Agiloft who has Lattice Semiconductor as a client

Customer Overview

Lattice Semiconductor is the number three ranked company in world market share for field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices and number two for simple and complex programmable logic devices (SPLDs and CPLDs). For 30 years, Lattice has manufactured and supplied programmable mixed-signal and interconnect products with related software and intellectual property, including their own Lattice Diamond design software.


Lattice has many different software products, each with as many as up to 125 separately licensable features. These features rely on three different license generators — one from Lattice and two from partner companies. One of these partners required license requests be sent via email. The system needed to be able to communicate with all license generators, including sending and receiving emails for one of the partner companies, and generate a completed license file or multiple files as sometimes required by floating licenses. Lattice had been managing the distribution of their software licenses with an internally developed system built on an Oracle database.

The original designers had left the company and no one at Lattice fully understood how it worked. In short, generating licenses had become a barrier to completing software sales. Lattice was determined to remove this barrier. The list of features, products, contacts, and customer companies is constantly changing, so adding new records and updating existing records needed to be easy.

In addition, Lattice wanted a portal to allow its customers to generate their own licenses with default feature sets, and a mechanism for automatically distributing completed license files to the customer.

The Search

Lattice evaluated several leading license management products but found that they were unsuitable. All of the existing products for communicating with license generators are sold by the companies that make those generators and are only designed to work with a single generator from that company. Further, they are extremely costly and would have required Lattice to pay a percentage of their software license revenue to the vendor.

Lattice considered building a solution internally but decided that this type of tool was not core to their business and thus not a good use of money or resources. It would also require the product to be hosted and managed internally which was counter to their overall goal of moving non-critical infrastructure into the cloud. The search ended when it became clear that the Agiloft solution offered broader functionality than the products from the license management vendors and was much more affordable.


“The beauty of Agiloft is that it is not home grown. We now have a viable commercial system supporting our long term requirements, as opposed to highly customized and antiquated software being held together by chewing gum and bailing wire.”

— Tim Schnettler Director, Business Group Operations

Agiloft Solution

Agiloft provided Lattice with a solution for License Lifecycle Management (LLM) that allows unlimited available features to be associated with a product along with a separate list of default features. Agiloft LLM understands which license generator is used to authorize each feature and allows any given feature to be associated with multiple products. Each license generator record contains all the information needed to communicate with it, whether the generator is local or only available by email.

Staff can mass-generate licenses for an unlimited number of products and features with a few mouse clicks. Once every license set is completed, the final file or files is generated and automatically emailed to the customer. The Lattice business processes around generating and managing licenses have become agile. Because changes can be made using just the admin browser, no coding is required and the time required to modify a given workflow has been cut from months to a few minutes.

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