Pacsafe deploy Contract Management Solution to handle global agreements and IP

Luggage and travel accessories




  • Centrally manage a large number of global contracts and agreements
  • Track and report upon a range of Intellectual Property
  • Accurate and timely management of contracts
  • Insights and data to help make quality decisions
  • Improved relations with suppliers, partners and resellers
  • Small legal team now equipped with the right tools
  • Confidence to continue global growth

Business Overview

Outpac Designs Limited, makers of Pacsafe, was established in 1998 by 2 Australian friends who had sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries around the world. Their own experiences and those of other travellers convinced them of the need for no-nonsense travel security and from that their eXomesh anti-theft technology was born and formed the first-ever, award-winning Pacsafe anti-theft backpack protector.

Today, Pacsafe can be found in over 33 countries worldwide and the product range includes adventure backpacks, leisure bags, urban bags, women’s bags, camera bags as well as luggage and travel accessories.


With the challenge of coordination across many group entities, the major need for Pacsafe was to deploy a unified contract repository with an intuitive interface for building charts, reports and automated distribution of management reports for contracts, agreements and IP under management, and impending expirations.

The Pacsafe Legal Team needed to centrally manage a large number of global contracts and agreements across 15 different contract types, together with tracking and reporting upon their extensive range of Intellectual Property including Trademarks, Copyright and Patents.

"We needed to centrally manage a large number of global contracts and agreements across 15 different contract types"

The Solution

To achieve the transformation that would help Pacsafe stay ahead, the company worked closely with Saasam – the consultancy with expertise in cloud-based business process automation and an Agiloft Gold Partner. Agiloft provided Pacsafe everything it needed to manage the complete contract lifecycle and integrate contract information into its existing business processes.  The Legal Team can easily link contracts with related sub-contracts and variations, link partners and suppliers, tasks, obligations, products, and more.

Its flexibility also enabled Pacsafe to create and maintain custom tables, data and rules to also manage its IP Portfolio, renewal and payment schedules.

With its Agiloft Contract Management System, Pacsafe is able to manage:

  • The development and implementation of information policies, procedures, guidelines and best practices to effectively support the business
  • Insight into upcoming contract renewal costs or revenues with configurable budget and forecast reports; tracking and management of upcoming expirations and renewals
  • Time-based notifications, reports, and dashboards provide quick access to data in multiple formats
  • Scheduled email of contract and IP reports provide accurate information to its management team
  • Granular permission controls provide precise view and edit access
  • Audit trail and automatic documentation assists its Legal Team to meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Management of an extensive portfolio by a small, dedicated Legal Team


Thanks to Agiloft and the consultants at Saasam, Pacsafe now has the confidence to continue its global growth, using an agile and fully supported Contract Management Platform that works with their existing business processes.


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