RBC Group takes ownership of its data control with Agiloft Help Desk Solution

Technology Integration


Service Desk Suite


  • Take ownership of data control
  • Fast deployment to replace outgoing system
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Easy integration with other business processes
  • Reduced me and paper constraints
  • Improved business intelligence 

Business Overview

Taking back authenticity were key drivers behind RBC Group’s Help Desk solution with Agiloft. Standing as one of Australia’s largest independent and privately owned technology integrators, the company sought to replace their existing software with a solution that wasn’t inhibiting. 

“Agiloft was an obvious choice for us at it provides greater visibility and business intelligence,” says Michael Granata of RBC Group. “We were looking to reduce labour costs and automate Help Desk functions that previously required human collateral.” 

In its 40th year of operation and emerging as one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses, RBC Group currently provides managed services to over 3,000 clients nationally, comprising of both hardware and software solutions, as well as maintaining billions of printers and associated devices. It has formed partnerships with global IT and software companies including, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft and Apple, to name but a few. Thus, securing an efficient and ever-evolving Help Desk solution was paramount to its ongoing success. 


“Their previous software was really expensive and too complex for RBC’s Help Desk team,” explains Heather McEwen of Saasam. “RBC have a fairly active Help Desk:100 sales people, 500 customers, 100,000 end devices, 600 active jobs / 20 IT jobs per day. That’s a lot to keep up with and stay abreast of.”

Taking ownership of its Help Desk was at the forefront of decision making, says Granata. “We found our existing software really rigid, and we wanted to take ownership of our data control, and business platforms. Simply, we wanted ‘authenticity’ when it comes to data control.”

A set of Help Desk directives and requirements were sought by RBC Group, these included:

  • Aiding customers in multiple locations.
  • Support Desk to handle tickets for: hardware, software, services and connectivity requests.
  • Routing of tickets to a sub-team depending on email address.
  • Email-to-email address of a non-user (external company with address of printer to be collected).
  • Integration with BMS – Billing Management System.
  • Handle priorities and SLA (Service Level Agreements). If more than 50 devices were purchased, then required unlimited support (SLA)
  • Contracts of prepaid hours (keeping track of hours).
  • Out of the box Integration with: Bomgar and Microsoft AD (Active Directory).

“RBC also needed Agiloft implemented within three months, before the agreement with their previous software partner expired,” explains McEwen. “So much of the implementation was conducted inhouse and it was great to work with such a technically competent customer.” 

"Agiloft was an obvious choice for us at it provides greater visibility and business intelligence,”
-Michael Granata - Information Systems Manager, RBC Group. 

The Solution

Having carried out marketplace research into Help Desk solutions, Agiloft fared well compared to others on offer, says Granata.

“We looked at other solutions but went with Agiloft because of the opportunities and functionalities it affords us as a business to roll out into other areas.”

It also comes back to the people backing the product, explains Granata. “The sounding boards were logical and reasonable,” he says. “Saasam packaged what we needed in a cost-effective way. We were restricted by our contract with our previous software provider, so we couldn’t have big upfront expenses.”

With Agiloft now well underway at RBC, the company has found its usefulness in terms of business intelligence and monitoring risk litigation invaluable – ensuring the appropriate people/clients are made accountable.

“The Agilo Help Desk can send replies direct to tickets and is in-keeping with activities that are especially important to our site so we can see across entities,” says Granata. “It’s been hugely beneficial in reducing me and paper constraints. For example, our field operators used to have feedback lying around in cars that didn’t always come back to the offce, now we have a secure correspondence platform – no need for a paper trail – information can easily be delivered, accessed and stored.”

With Agiloft RBC we were handed back the controls.

“We now have movement within our Help Desk,” says Granata. “Knowledge is power; if you understand how it works, you can do a lot with it and Agiloft has afforded us this.” 


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