Eastern Virginia Medical School cuts contract workflow time by over 30%

Medical Research and Education




  • Needed to transform cumbersome paper system into robust automated Contract Management solution
  • Required sophisticated search, tracking, reporting and more
  • Limited time and budget

This case study has kindly been provided to Saasam by Agiloft who has EVMS as a client

Business Overview

Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) is a teaching and research hospital. Mark Babashanian, the Vice President of Administration and Finance says that the three-part mission of the institution is: Education, Research, and Patient Care.


A year before finding Agiloft, EVMS invested in another vendor’s online electronic contract management system – but it never worked properly. The system was excessively sophisticated at the expense of being user-friendly and intuitive.

Mark describes that system as “convoluted” and says any changes he wanted to make to the basic template cost more money, and it was difficult to get the vendor to execute the changes. Frustrated, he sought a new vendor to clean up the previous vendor’s mistakes and to customize a new system for their workflow needs.

The Search

Mark researched companies online. Narrowing down his search, he called half a dozen vendors, but found they could only approximate what he needed.

Then he found Agiloft. They were able to map his custom processes and automate them exactly the way he wanted. “Keys to my choosing Agiloft were the fact that Agiloft basically gave me a working system in a day, for free; and the Agiloft “End User” interface, that most of the others didn’t have.”

Mark adds that Agiloft is “less than a third the cost of the system that we had, and around half the cost of other systems we considered - and those systems were lacking its functionality."

Agiloft’s 100% guarantee was also a factor in his selection, Mark says, “but since I basically had a working system in a day, I didn’t see much risk after that. Although…the guarantee was a nice safety valve, just in case we came upon an important thing that Agiloft couldn’t do (which we didn’t).”

Agiloft Solution

The initial implementation took only a few days. Mark says the Agiloft team created a robust electronic contract management system “where we can have contracts go through workflow and be approved and stored electronically for easy retrieval.” They also created helpful tables for keeping track of contacts and different companies involved in EVMS’s three-part mission of education, research, and patient care. The import of data from the old system was simple and efficient.

With the new process, users send their drafts of new contract agreements through Agiloft to the EVMS legal department, and the contract may go back and forth several times. When the contract is ready to be signed by Mark, the legal department sends it to him through Agiloft. Mark signs the document, then the system sends it out for any further signatures required. Finally, the fully executed document is stored in Agiloft.

Now it’s easy to run different reports and find out where a contract is at each stage of the process – in the legal department, or with a third party awaiting signature, for example. EVMS can now prevent bottlenecks of paper clogging different departments. “Everyone knows where each contract is, since it’s in Agiloft the whole time,” Mark says. This streamlines operations at a departmental level. Moreover, Agiloft offers email notification when any contracts are up for renewal. “I can say the department is thrilled,” he adds.

“Take Agiloft up on their offer to get you a Demo running in a day for free. You will be amazed.”
-Mark Babashanian, VP of Administration and Finance, Eastern Virginia Medical School


Easy to retrieve contracts - separate interfaces are customized to address the needs of power users and occasional end users, making it easy to obtain the necessary documents.

Easy to create and run reports - new reports are created using the browser interface in a matter of minutes and run with a single button click or can be configured for automatic generation and distribution via email.

Improved auditability - the history of every transaction on every record is captured automatically.

Improved search capabilities - new searches of any complexity can be created in a matter of minutes and saved for immediate re-use.

Streamlined complex business processes - radically reducing cost, time, and labor.

Vastly increased productivity - “Efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, ease-of-use, accuracy have all increased, and the cost was half that of the other systems we considered.” 

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