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Create an effective sales force and maximise customer value with one of the most agile CRM platforms.

Sales depend on more than the sales department. They depend on the entire company working together to determine and satisfy the needs of the customer, turning initial sales into repeat sales and ordinary customers into reference accounts.

Most CRM packages are strong on opportunity and lead tracking, but weak when it comes to supporting the customers you win. This is not surprising. It is a lot easier to develop a lead-tracking product for the sales department, than a system that addresses the whole picture.

Saasam - powered by Agiloft, delivers a complete Customer Relationship Management solution that includes territory and VAR management, marketing, post sales support and custom-branded portals. Business rules and workflow automation ensure that customer needs are met in a timely fashion.

“We looked at a lot of different CRM systems, Agiloft had all the features and flexibility of the big systems, but at a greatly reduced lifetime cost.”

Potential customers evaluate the quality and reputation of your support when deciding whether to buy from your company. Our approach to CRM is with the goal of not just helping close the initial sale, but also ensuring that your company provides the superior support and follow-up that drives future sales.

The Agiloft CRM solution is a truly complete package with everything you need to gain new customers, keep existing ones and generate repeat business. Best of all, the system can be implemented rapidly and in stages – so you enjoy immediate benefits in each department before you extend it to the next.

Consolidate Without Compromise

With a Saasam CRM solution you can consolidate on a single platform without compromising on support. Integrate all processes that touch customers from cradle to grave in an adaptive system that is easily customised to match your precise business needs, without programming.

Maximise Customer Value

The best way to increase revenues from existing customers is to satisfy them with excellent support and to know what they need and want. Agiloft’s robust support system, built-in customer surveys, mass emails, and 360-degree customer view provide the tools you need to maximise the value of your customers.

A More Effective Sales Force

Pre-sales support is crucial for winning new customers. Automatic notifications from the support system ensure that sales reps are aware of outstanding support issues so they can address customer concerns more effectively.

Agiloft’s robust feature set and preconfigured templates give you all the tools you need to manage your customer relationships. The default CRM template includes the structures to manage leads, contacts, opportunities, campaigns, product lists and pricing, price quotes, deals, support and service contracts, vendor contracts, partner relationships, consulting projects and time billing, customer assets, pre- and post-sales support, and more. Use what you need and hide the rest.