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Document Management

Manage your company's documents, from contracts and user guides, to HR materials and financial reports with a world-class Document Management solution.

Saasam - powered by Agiloft, has everything you need to manage your company's documents as well as any organisation across the globe. Our application handles the full document lifecycle from assembly through publication to retirement. We also enable your users to easily relate documents to the relevant business processes, making their information both viewable and actionable.

Some examples of the how our Document Management solution can be applied include:

  • Manuals or user guides may be linked to particular releases of a software product to which they apply, so that update tasks are automatically triggered when a new release is scheduled.
  • HR documents may be related to particular departments, office locations, or employee teams. Agiloft generates automatic notifications to the appropriate people when they change.
  • Support technicians dealing with customers can view the details of the customer's support contract documentation to determine whether it's valid and what it covers, when taking support calls or working in the customer support system.
  • Sales contracts may be related to your customer onboarding processes.


“The Saasam people were brilliant. Practical, experienced and straight up. From day one they were focused on getting the best result for our business.”

With our solution you get more than a stand-alone document management tool — you get an integrated system that can be extended in any direction to make your business more efficient and your staff better informed.

Automate Document Lifecycles

Reduce maintenance costs and accelerate document creation by automating the document lifecycle with workflows that notify the right people when action is needed.

Change Notifications

Actively notify staff of changes to documents with workflow automation. Provide immediate access to documents, with fine grained access control and full text search.

Efficient Approval Management

Eliminate approval bottlenecks with automatic notifications and one-click email approvals. Our powerful business rules engine keeps your processes on track and fully auditable.

Using the Agiloft platform, Saasam clients can choose to initially start with the contract management module and add integrated customer support, sales automation, and other functions, with no additional per-module cost. Agiloft is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process.