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Help Desk Management

Transform your Help Desk into a faster, more efficient system that benefits the whole business

In a typical Help Desk scenario, an employee’s access to a business application stops working. She sends an email to the Help Desk inbox and hopes for an eventual response. When she doesn’t hear back, she’s not sure whether her email has been read and actioned, or whether it’s ‘fallen through the cracks’.

Properly configured Help Desk Management software adds value not only to this process, but to the organisation as a whole. Employees receive assurance that their support request will be looked into and Help Desk Managers gain control over the speed and efficiency of their workflows. Overall, the entire enterprise benefits with increased up-time for employees, better productivity levels and transparent reporting tools for management.

Utilising and configuring the flexible Agiloft Business Process Platform to suit your needs, Saasam can help transform your organisation’s Help Desk into a world-class system, without the hefty price tag.

Close Tickets Faster

Close your Help Desk tickets fast through configurable ticket assignment and escalation rules that alert you to blockages and proactively escalate issues when necessary.

Improve Service

Improve consistency and control with workflow automation that guides Help Desk technicians through your preferred processes, automating emails and other backend actions.

Minimise Interruptions

Minimise interruptions with a 24/7, self-service portal that allows employees to report issues or request services online. A dynamic knowledge base, complete with full text search, provides answers to common issues.

minimize interruptions

An Award Winning Platform

Awarded “Best Overall Value” three years in a row by Info–Tech Research Group, the Agiloft Help Desk platform includes an adaptive business rules engine, graphical workflow editor, centralized knowledge base, and granular searching and reporting. With these powerful tools, Saasam can customise and automate your help desk’s behavior to match your company’s exact business process.


We also include the natural extensions of the Help Desk right out-of-the-box — to manage change requests, projects, timekeeping, customer surveys, and assets.  Turn these functions on or off as desired to implement a fully integrated, complete IT service desk solution at no extra cost.

Using the Agiloft platform, Saasam clients can choose to initially start with the Help Desk Management module and add integrated customer support, sales automation, and other functions, with no additional per-module cost. Agiloft is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process.