Support Packages

Free Support

All purchases of Agiloft come with context-sensitive, online and PDF documentation and tutorials. Free trial evaluations are also fully supported at no cost. Saasam respond to all bug reports and provide 24/7 access to both Saasam’s and Agiloft’s online knowledgebases of FAQs, even for customers who do not purchase support packages.

Standard Support Package

Standard support is included at no charge with all hosted and leased service contracts during business hours. Premium support is also available for those customers needing extended support options.

System Health Check

Agiloft's System Health Check is available for both hosted and on-premise options. Agiloft use automated GUI performance monitoring, usage analysis, and database analysis to find any bottlenecks in the knowledgebase or system configuration. These bottlenecks are resolved by optimizing database indexes, rule configurations, and system configuration variables. The result is an optimized user experience devoid of negative impact on functionality.

The service typically takes 2-5 days, depending on the complexity of the configuration, and payment is wholly contingent upon success. The System Health Check can be purchased for US$4,000.

Upgrading Agiloft

If you have purchased the standard support/upgrade contract, you can upgrade your installation at any time by simply downloading the latest release and running the same program that you used to install it.

Saasam notify all customers by email when major new releases are made available for download. When you upgrade an installation everything is maintained: Contacts, Tables, Look and Feel, Customizations, Business Rules, and scripts.

As with any program, it makes good sense to back up your data before upgrading. We recommend that you do an export of your knowledge bases in Agiloft format to a safe directory prior to upgrading.

The Agiloft XML-based export file format also allows you to move an installation from one machine to another, including between Unix and Windows machines, by simply creating an export file and moving the file to the target machine. Once again, everything is preserved.